Build a VR Portfolio!

We’ve recently added a new feature on InsiteVR that allows users to copy existing 360 images from one project to another without having to reprocess images. This is an ideal way to create a company VR portfolio while using existing resources.

To get started, log into InsiteVR and create a new project. Let’s call it “Portfolio”.

New VR Portfolio


The new function is located under the “Add 360 Image” action. When you go to add a 360 image, you will see the new option to import an existing image. Add the images that you want to showcase from different projects.

Add 360 Image

Import 360 Image

You may want to rename the 360 images to include the project name.

Rename 360 Image

Once you are done, you can share the project with the whole organization. Go into the Project’s Settings page and update the Visibility to “Everyone in the Organization”.

Share Project

You are now ready to share your best 360 images. Start the project’s presentation and use the link to share the project. The link can be used to display your portfolio on a computer internet browser, a phone browser or Google Cardboard. You can also use our app to display the VR portfolio in a GearVR headset.

Share VR Portfolio