360 Design Options

Oftentimes, architects want to give clients the option between different designs. In Revit, these are known as Design Options. While these options are not yet supported in 3D on the InsiteVR platform, they can be expressed through your 360 images.

Design Options

Rendering 360 Design Options

To provide 360 image design options, you simply need to render both options as panoramas from the same camera location. The easiest way to do this is by using Revit’s Cloud Rendering feature:


Create two Design Options in Revit


Set up a camera in the space and duplicate the view so that you have two identical camera views. Rename both views appropriately.


Cut and paste the elements that you want to change from the Main Model to both Design Options. Make an alternative design for the Design Alternative.


Set one of the views to use the alternate Design Option


Render the Design Options

Set your sun settings appropriately and render both camera views in the Autodesk 360 cloud.


Download the images from the Autodesk A360 Gallery website, unzip the files, and upload both images to your InsiteVR project. Now you are ready to present design alternatives to the client!


If you do not use the Revit Cloud rendering feature, you will need to export the FBX to 3ds Max twice, once for each Options. Make sure the cameras and sun are in the exact location in both file and render both options as 360 images. You are now ready to upload your 360 images to InsiteVR.

The Results

To see an example of 360 image Design Options, click the animation below. You can navigate between views by using the arrows on the screen or on your keyboard.

Please note: these images were rendered using Corona in 3ds Max, not the Revit Cloud Render as show above.

Design Options GIF